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Tsuyoshi Go Nagano, born in Tokyo,  is an Award-winning Japanese chef, Sake Sommelier, Food and Beverage Navigator, Japanese Tea specialist, Greek Wine promoter, and founder/director of import/export company.  


Tsuyoshi Go Nagano


Japanese Cuisine Chef and Sake Sommelier

Acclaimed Sushi Chef, Sake Sommelier, Japanese Sake Quality Appraiser, Brand Creator of Sakai Tadasuke Japanese Knife series, and Founder of Nagano Global LLC, Tsuyoshi Go Nagano combines his native rich Japanese heritage and culture with his acquired taste for the modern and “globally hip.”

Currently based in Dubai, he leads the sushi team of Mimi Kakushi Japanese Restaurant as well as supervises Sushi Bars in venues such as Gohan and La Cantine du Faubourg Mykonos in Rikas Group.

Mimi Kakushi has gained recognitions such as Best Newcomer - Fine Dining award in Fact. Dining Awards Dubai 2021, No. 20 in MENA 50 Best Restaurants 2022, No.2 in Esquire 50 Best Restaurants in the Gulf 2022, RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR in TimeOut Dubai Restaurant Awards 2022, No.3 in Esquire 75 Best Restaurants in the Gulf 2023, and Best Japanese Restaurant in TimeOut 2023.


As one of his exquisite achievements as an executive chef of Japanese Cuisine, he was the first to introduce the Japanese concept of "Sushi-Izakaya" and an impressive selection of premium Japanese Sake to Greece which quickly became influential to other Japanese-Asian restaurants in the metropolitan area of Athens. While holding his position at the restaurant in Athens, the F&L Guide's Stars for Best Restaurant Awards had given a Star for three consecutive years.

With a particular interest in horticulture and proponent of sustainable cuisine, the key to Nagano’s sushi creations is, in addition to providing the highest quality and taste, to bring a level of ecological consciousness by using local and seasonal ingredients.

Growing up in his native Tokyo, Japan, Nagano was immersed in several of Japan’s cultural traditions: the high art of the tea ceremony; the very intense spiritual and beautiful “arrangement” of Japanese flora known as ikebana; and the creation of sushi. [Nagano’s brother is a Japanese Edomae sushi chef; his aunt, a highly respected priestess of both the tea ceremony and ikebana; and his uncle, owner of “Shingo,” one of Manhattan’s most legendary Japanese restaurants of the 80s.]


In addition to his work as a Japanese Cuisine chef with roots in the rich tradition of the art of making sushi, but with an inventive, imaginative twist, Nagano is qualified as a Sake Sommelier, Japanese Sake Quality Appraiser and Food and Beverage Navigator by Sake Service Institute (TOKYO).

He has held the positions as a sushi chef / executive chef in some of the most well known award winning restaurants in Greece such as  OOZORA, NAMMOS Mykonos, Matsuhisa Mykonos, and GAKU.

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